MSc in "Food, Nutrition and Microbiome"


The Department of Medicine of Democritus University of Thrace invites interested parties to apply for the Postgraduate Programme of Studies " MSc in FOOD, NUTRITION AND MICROBIOME " for the academic year 2020-2021. The postgraduate studies for this MSc programme lead to the acquisition of a Master’s Degree. The programme curriculum requires the attendance of taught courses for three full-time academic semesters and the completion of a master’s dissertation.

Students should be trained in the subjects of food microbiome, intestinal microbiome, nutritional and foodborne diseases and their interrelations with Public Health. Τhorough knowledge should be given to graduate students of the impact of food and eating habits on health .The aim of the program is to train and specialize young scientists, who will be able to implement and shape Health and Nutrition policies, to develop programs at all levels, to work in Food , Nutrition and Health international organisms, to assess risk stratification to implement preventive measures and means and to deal with potential pathogens.

The program should offer specific knowledge and training of those who undertake duties in the field of Health Sciences, as well as to contribute to the further training of specialized and specialized Physicians of multiple specialties and in particular gastroenterologists and endocrinologists, as well as other scientists such as Pharmacists, Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Dietetics or other similar subject.

Courses are taught in English. The academic personnel of the programme come from Greek universities and from abroad as well.

The Democritus University of Thrace accepts upon selection, graduates from Greek universities or equivalent institutions from abroad (recognized by DOATAP), as well as from Greek Technological Educational Institutes in related subject areas according to Law 4485/2017 and 4610/2019. The selection of postgraduate students will be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of current legislation based on candidate’s first degree in the areas of Medicine, Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, Dietetics, Public Health or any other similar subject. The program is especially and carefully designed for students and professionals or executives of business and organizations who wish to broaden their specialization and deepen their knowledge in the field.

The programme curriculum requires the attendance of taught courses for two full-time academic semesters by physical presentation and the completion of a master’s dissertation. A considerable number of courses should be given by e-learning platforms.

The duration of the program is three semesters with tuition fees totaling 3000 euros. The number of students admitted to the program is set at a maximum of twenty-five (25) per year. The beginning of the courses for the academic year 2020-21will take place probably at November 13th, 2020.

Those who are interested please submit the following supporting documents until October 16, 2020 (post stamp in case of postal delivery) to the Secretariat of the Department of Medicine, University Campus, 6th km Alex / polis-Makris-Panepistimioupolis, 68100- Dragana, Alexandroupolis

  1. Application for participation
  2. Copy of degree and other degrees (with the required translations and recognitions for foreign degrees)
  3. Photocopy of ID
  4. A recent photo
  5. Proof of English language proficiency
  6. Curriculum vitae where studies, scientific, research and professional experience will be shown
  7. Copies of publications (the full publication in a journal in a copy or full details of the journal and a copy of the summary), oral or poster presentations in Greek or international congresses or conferences (copy only of the summary from the summary book)
  8. Letter(s) of recommendation ( up to 2 optional)
  9. Supporting documents of other scientific activities or certificates of other professional service, optional.

The evaluation procedure for the acceptance of the Postgraduate Students is carried out by a three-member Selection Committee headed by the Director of the Master Degree. For the selection of Postgraduate candidates, their qualifications are taken into account as they are demonstrated in their applications. Specifically, the following information is taken into account:

  1. Basic Degree / Diploma.
  2. Detailed Score in undergraduate courses, which are related to the present Master Degree.
  3. Performance in the Diploma Thesis, where it is provided in the first cycle of studies.
  4. Adequate knowledge of the English language, as a prerequisite
  5. Knowledge of a second or other foreign language.
  6. Relevant research or professional activity of the candidate related to the subject of the Master Degree
  7. Letters of recommendation up to 2 optional
  8. Publications and other writing activities
  9. The Selection Committee may, at its discretion, invite the Graduate Candidates for an oral interview.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The courses will be conducted in intensive sections Friday-Saturday-Sunday once a month, in order to facilitate the monitoring of the Postgraduate Program by employees and residents in other cities. Possibility to participate by e-learning platforms should be offered.
More information about the MSc in FOOD, NUTRITION AND MICROBIOME of the Department of Medicine School of Health Sciences Democritus University of Thrace could be given in these telephone numbers tel. 0030-6946003063 and 0030-6944193771 or Emails: empezirt @, ctsigalo @

The Director of the Msc in MSc in FOOD, NUTRITION AND MICROBIOME
Department of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, Democritus University of Thrace.

Eugenia Bezirtzoglou,
Professor of Microbiology
Department of Medicine